Become our partner: refer and earn!

Aufort's goal is to insure the long-term savings and investments of as many people as possible. To achieve this ambitious plan, we have created an affiliate program that will allow everyone who believes in the long-term liquidity of gold and silver to earn a profit when they recommend it to others. 

How does the program work?


1. Opportunities

We offer two opportunities to partner with us and earn a profit: either as a sales partner or an affiliate partner. A sales partner is generally a private individual who may have a sizeable following on social media. A sales partner may also easily be someone interested in active sales. Affiliate partners are usually businesses that have websites with a lot of traffic.


2. Referrals

When a new client is referred to Aufort's website via an affiliate link, and they make any purchase, Aufort rewards the referrer with a monetary bonus. When joining the affiliate program, we offer training on creating and promoting affiliate links.


3. Payment

Aufort's affiliate program offers hybrid payment plan: CPA (Cost Per Action) and RS (Revenue Share). Aufort pays a one-time agreed bonus (CPA) for any purchase made through a referral. In addition, Aufort also shares agreed % of the service fee of every product sold, including any future purchases.